A Bright Idea from the AAHA Accreditation Team

Fluffy's Day at the vet

A pet who has a procedure done at Louisville Family Animal Hospital, located in Colorado, is sent home after his or her visit with a photo collage titled, "Fluffy’s Day at the Vet." The collage includes photos of that day’s veterinary visit, including technicians performing a TPR and catheter placement, the doctor's physical exam, the monitoring, and the procedure itself. Photos of the pet in recovery, any radiographs that were taken, and pre- and post-photos for dentistry are also included.

Everyone on the team is involved and works together to take the appropriate photos. Once all the photos are taken and the procedure and recovery are complete, the photos are compiled onto a one-page collage, printed on a color printer, and given to the pet owner when the pet is picked up. Because clients don’t often see or have the opportunity to understand what goes on “in the back,” they love this extra touch. This is an excellent way to increase the client's perception of value for his or her pet's day at the veterinary hospital.


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Celebrate veterinary technicians

They work hard to assist you in taking the best care of your patients and clients. They’re veterinary technicians. Appreciate them always, and celebrate them during National Veterinary Technician Week, Oct. 11-17. Click on the photo below to download it and share it on your practice’s Facebook page.

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