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Business Insurance Solutions

Workers’ compensation

Your employees are the strength of your business. You’ll spend a great deal of time hiring and training them. When you secure workers’ compensation coverage through the AAHA Business Insurance Program, you have access to insurers that will treat your employees fairly and get them back to work as soon as they’re able.

Program features:

  • Member exclusive pricing
  • Higher than average employers’ liability limits
  • Coverage for volunteers working at your practice
  • Dividend potential (by law, dividends cannot be declared in advance)
  • Veterinary-specific risk management

Benefits to help you reduce workers’ compensation expenses

Workers’ compensation expenses for your practice must be managed like any other business expense. The most effective way to reduce costs is to prevent accidents and manage claims when they do occur. Our loss control program is designed specifically for veterinary practices and provides information on how to:

  • Prevent bite injuries and manage risk at your practice
  • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and keep insurance costs down
  • Prevent slips, trips and falls
  • Take precautions for pregnant employees
  • Prepare for an OSHA inspection

An experienced and highly trained team of claim adjusters oversees all workers' compensation claims activity. The team helps control costs and gets injured employees healthy and back into the workplace as soon as possible.

Free Payroll Integration App

You also have access to a free service that integrates your workers' compensation policy with your payroll, so that the premium is paid in real-time based on the practice's actual payroll.

Claim Scenarios

Check out the top five most costly workers’ compensation claims in the AAHA Business Insurance Program

Practice property and liability


Your AAHA Business Insurance Program team actively works with our insurance partners to ensure that business policies include provisions and options that veterinary practices need, including damage to property caused by animals in your care, damage to biologicals, and more. Our program is designed to help keep your practice open so you can serve your clients. In addition to property and general liability coverages, the package policy also includes enhanced protection for damage to:

  • Accounts receivable records
  • Other valuable records and papers, such as your medical records
  • Exterior signs
  • Computers and media
  • Property off-premises and in-transit
  • Perishables, such as biologicals
  • Exterior building glass

Also provided is protection against:

  • Loss due to employee dishonesty
  • Loss of income from off-premises power interruption
  • Damage caused by backup of water through sewers and drains
  • Damage to buildings and contents caused by animals in your care, custody or control

Business interruption

Business interruption insurance protects your profit dollar when physical damage to your property causes an interruption of operations. Some typical expenses that can be covered by business interruption insurance include:

  • Normal payroll expenses
  • Overtime
  • The cost of transferring operations to another site, including rent
  • The cost of outside services
  • Lease payments on premises and equipment
  • Lost income as a result of your business interruption
  • Extended business income after your property is restored

Mechanical breakdown

Mechanical breakdown coverage protects you from losses due to the accidental breakdown and resulting property damage from mechanical and electrical systems such as: heating and cooling, telephone, fax machines, copiers, and surgical and medical equipment. The coverage protects you in the event of mechanical breakdown, headcrash or impairment of electrical imaging in your computer system.

General liability

This portion of the policy covers the practice in the event the entity is found responsible for causing harm to a third-party person and/or property. General liability also helps to cover the cost of your defense.

Emploment practices liability

Even the best run practices can face allegations of wrongful employment practices. You can find protection and support with employment practices liability insurance through the AAHA Business Insurance Program.

The AAHA Business Insurance Program offers policyholders unique risk management tools to manage employment-related risks including proprietary online tools (employee training, sample forms, and more) and access to an HR helpline (human resources consulting advice) at no additional costs.


Current, former, or prospective employees may claim they were victims of illegal employment-related discrimination such as:

  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Racial Discrimination
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination

Sexual harassment

Individuals may allege that they were subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Third party liability

Coverage for claims alleging discrimination or harassment brought by a third party against the practice or its employees is available by endorsement for an additional charge.

Wrongful termination

An EPL policy will respond to allegations from an employee claiming he or she could no longer tolerate the work environment and was compelled to resign or retire.

Duty to defend

With an EPL policy, the insurance company has a duty to defend you against covered allegations. Transfer your risk and the legal fees to the insurance company.

Optional punitive damage coverage sublimit

Most EPL policies exclude punitive damages.


Additional Business Insurance Solutions Safety and Risk Management

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