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Accreditation FAQ

  • To become a “preaccredited practice,” each practice must contact the accreditation team at 800-252-2242, complete the AAHA preaccredited application agreement, and pay an initial accreditation evaluation fee of $675. This fee covers the cost of your first onsite evaluation. Your membership dues cover subsequent evaluation costs.
  • Begin working on the standards in the online evaluation tool and working with your accreditation specialist who supports your team and helps you meet the standards.
  • Your first evaluation will be scheduled when the practice consultant will be in your area

We recommend at least three months. You’ll need to have a sufficient number of patients, medical records, and diagnostics for your consultant to perform a thorough evaluation. Once the pre-accreditation application fee has been paid, the practice will be provided with a complimentary team membership, valid for up to six (6) months, or until the date of your evaluation, whichever is sooner. 

We will work with you to determine a timeframe based on when you believe you’ll be ready for your first evaluation. We also schedule evaluations based on when other practices are due in your area. We will make every effort to work with you and accommodate your goals for becoming accredited. The practice consultants schedule evaluations three to four months in advance.

Answering the standards in the online evaluation tool is one of the best ways to see how well you meet the standards. The online evaluation tool includes tips and resources, outlines and guides for creating protocols/SOPs (standard operating procedures), and it automatically adds your points so you can see how well you’re doing in each section of the standards. Your practice must meet all mandatory standards and then achieve passing points in each of the sections of the standards. Answering the standards in the tool shows where your practice currently stands, helps you determine additional standards to implement, and shows you where you may need additional points.

Contact the AAHA accreditation specialist in the AAHA office or the practice consultant in your area if you’re interested in having a practice consultant come by for a visit and tour of your practice. Courtesy calls are a great time to receive feedback about things you may need to do or change to meet AAHA standards and to begin working on the process of becoming accredited. Courtesy calls are offered with no strings attached, at no charge, and are scheduled when the practice consultant is scheduled to be in your area.

The AAHA Standards of Accreditation include a minimal number of structural standards and we’ve segregated a group of standards which refer to the set-up of a veterinary hospital. Please call 800-252-2242 and ask to be connected to an accreditation specialist and we’ll be happy to email the AAHA structural standards to you.

Yes, AAHA practice consultants offer a free blue print review. Our practice consultants visit 100+ practices per year and see a wide variety of facilities. They can oftentimes point out things you may want to consider before your plans are finalized. Call AAHA accreditation at 800-252-2242 to find out more about blueprint reviews.

The AAHA Standards of Accreditation were created to help standardize and promote excellence in care in the veterinary profession and for veterinary practices. Therefore, the standards are copyrighted and available to veterinary professionals.

We can set you up to work in the actual online evaluation tool that members use to prepare for their evaluations. The online evaluation tool has additional tips and resources which can help you get started. There are 47 mandatory standards that you must meet and then you’ll need to accumulate passing points in each section of the standards. We encourage you to get your entire team involved in the process of working with the standards and preparing for your first evaluation. Involving the team helps them learn new things, bond, and experience the value of the accreditation process.

If you’re unable to pass your first evaluation, you will not fail the evaluation. The practice consultant will consider the visit a courtesy call. They can point out specific requirements you will need to meet to pass an evaluation. We’ll reschedule your evaluation once you’ve had a chance to make the recommended changes and the next time the practice consultant will be back in your area.

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