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Health Risk Assessment

Pet Wellness Report
AAHA Recommended

ENHANCE YOUR WELLNESS EFFORTS – The AAHA-recommended Pet Wellness Report® (PWR), from Zoetis, is the first broadly available health risk assessment (HRA) in veterinary medicine. The HRA process is designed to help practices promote wellness care, strengthen bonds, and communicate with pet owners in a more engaging way.

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In a recent PWR clinical trial, 86% of pet owners felt better informed about their pet’s health and 82% of pet owners would recommend the PWR to a friend. Of participating veterinarians, 81% agreed that the PWR enhanced exam is more valuable for pet owners than a standard wellness exam.1

HOW THE PET WELLNESS REPORT WORKS – The popular human HRA concept of collecting modifiable lifestyle information is expanded upon with the Pet Wellness Report® by combining breed-specific healthcare information with pet owner observations of their pet’s physical appearance and behaviors that may represent early warning signs of disease. The PWR quickly gives the veterinarian a way to gather history before the exam providing a “behind the scenes” look into their patient’s day-to-day life to provide direction for pet owner education and patient-specific recommendations.

Sample Pet Wellness Report
  • Provides the opportunity to improve wellness care for pets, pet owners, and practices
  • Helps identify modifiable lifestyle risks not always apparent in the medical history
  • Facilitates early disease detection and intervention, which provides more treatment options
  • Strengthens communication and bonds between the pet owner and the veterinary team
  • Supports AAHA’s mission to provide veterinarians with tools to help effectively manage their business and deliver the best care

For more information on the Pet Wellness Report®, please contact Zoetis at [email protected] or call 855-PWR-PETS (855-797-7387). Additional information on HRAs and the PWR is available by clicking on the AAHA supplement images below.

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1 Lavan, R., Enhanced Preventive Care: Data from the First Broadly Available Health Risk Assessment for Dogs and Cats. Paper presented at the 87th Annual Western Veterinary Conference; 2014 February 16-20; Las Vegas, NV.
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