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History of Accreditation

Since 1933, AAHA’s leaders and other veterinary experts have developed and updated specific written standards for companion animal practices. These standards have undergone numerous changes throughout the years, always reflecting current industry standards. The enhanced standards were developed in order to raise the bar of veterinary excellence. Standards are created to ensure they reflect the developments made recently in veterinary medicine in addition to AAHA’s team philosophy. We recognize that practice team members make significant contributions to the delivery of quality care and the overall success of every veterinary practice.

During the Association’s history, the mission of AAHA has remained the same: to provide veterinary professionals with resources to effectively manage their businesses and deliver the best in companion animal care. The AAHA Standards of Accreditation were developed to drive this mission, and AAHA has established itself as the leader in developing benchmarks of excellence, business practice standards, informative publications, and educational programs designed to help companion animal practices thrive.

It starts with you

Find the sweet spot between balancing your diabetic patients and your time. Let AAHA’s Diabetes Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats be a resource for success. Check out the videos, algorithms, home care worksheets and other tools.

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