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Why Accreditation?

Why apply for accreditation? Because it makes a difference. It makes a difference in the level of care you provide your patients. It makes a difference in the service you provide your clients. It fosters an environment of teamwork and high morale. It makes a difference in your business success. Statistics have shown that AAHA-accredited practices are typically more successful than nonaccredited practices, generating more total income and employing more full-time veterinarians.*
*Financial & Productivity Pulsepoints, Eighth Edition, AAHA Press, 2013.

Accredited practice team members have passed their evaluation on the AAHA Standards of Accreditation and have proven to be practicing the highest quality medicine possible. Each AAHA-accredited practice designates at least one veterinarian as medical director who has authority over medical decisions and AAHA Standards issues.

Providing excellent patient care and building a professional business that is both successful and a nice place to work are common goals for most veterinarians. The AAHA Standards of Accreditation help practices succeed in both. While accreditation is voluntary, the shared experiences of preparing and going through the process benefit the entire practice team. Whether you’re a small or large practice, accreditation has something for you.

The preparation for the on-site evaluation and the actual evaluation itself can be a powerful team-building experience that will help you and your staff enhances the quality of care you provide. You’ll see your team members pull together and exhibit pride in your practice. AAHA Practice Consultants have been in hundreds of practices and can offer the value of a fresh perspective on how the best practices function.

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