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Why Accreditation?

AAHA accreditation: The difference between ordinary and extraordinary

AAHA accreditation makes a difference in the level of care and service you provide, in your business success, and in your practice culture.

Accreditation will help you:

  • Foster an environment of teamwork, pride, and high morale as your staff works together to maintain the highest standards in the profession
  • Improve patient care through increased communication and team effectiveness
  • Drive your practice forward as you strive for continual improvement
  • Stand out in your community and reach the clients you want


The proof is in the numbers

AAHA accreditation affects more than just patient care and client satisfaction—it can also have a positive impact on your practice finances. Survey research shows accredited practices are typically more successful than nonaccredited practices.


Accreditation matters to pet owners

Would your clients drive farther or spend more to visit your practice? If your hospital is AAHA-accredited, the answer is yes! Survey research shows accreditation is becoming increasingly important to pet owners. As the demand for AAHA-accredited hospitals increases, where will your practice stand?

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