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AAHA Initiatives

AAHA Initiatives

AAHA’s Guide to Veterinary Practice Team Wellbeing

AAHA is launching a major initiative to address wellbeing from an alternative perspective that utilizes a positive, proactive approach to help prevent or mitigate mental health issues in veterinary practice teams by encouraging practice team members to embrace the benefits of self-care and to provide practices with the resources to optimize their workplace culture. Please read this booklet written by various experts in the field of personal wellbeing and culture. Please share this with your colleagues. We hope it serves as a springboard for discussion and leads to action that will make a difference in your personal and professional lives.

Accreditation awareness

We are committed to raising awareness about our accredited practices. Learn more about our current accreditation campaign.

Preventive health care

As a founding member of Partners for Healthy Pets, AAHA is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive regular preventive health care. Learn more about how we are working to increase regular visits to the veterinarian.

AAHA position statements

Leadership in the veterinary profession is important to us. That's why the AAHA Board of Directors takes a stance on important pet health and welfare issues. See where we stand.

Diagnostic terms

Use the AAHA Diagnostic Terms to help standardize your practice.

Guidelines and toolkits

AAHA guidelines and implementation toolkits offer best practices on important pet health issues. View them and find out how they can help improve your standard of care.

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