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Preventive Care Implementation

Preventive medicine is emerging as a cornerstone of veterinary practice. As a profession, we agree on the need for a preventive healthcare regimen that enhances the human-animal bond, lengthens the patient’s life span and improves each pet’s quality of life. This booklet outlines how to establish or expand a preventive care program in your practice. Building a preventive health care program takes time and commitment from all members of the veterinary practice team. 

Developing the program should be viewed as a team-building exercise, and the resulting program should reflect what your medical team would recommend for their own pets. This booklet and its accompanying materials will help the practice identify areas of preventive care, determine how to develop these areas into a program, train the medical team to educate themselves and their clients and implement these care services for the benefit of the client, patient and practice.

Preventive Care: The Role of Diagnostic (PDF)

Breed Specific Preventive Care and Illness-Monitoring (PDF)



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