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Practice Management Community

You’ve got the data from the NEXUS Experience™. Now it’s time to do something
with it.

The NEXUS Experience™ is a promise extended to your team that your organization will use the feedback offered to build a better place to work. The Practice Management Community provides the ongoing support you need to get there.

Guide your team’s progress with tools and resources, including:

  • A unique “drip learning” system: Culture transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Allow tips, tricks, and best practices to “drip” into your current practice culture through practical monthly posts from TCO and AAHA.
  • Educational resources: Knowing what disengagement looks like can help you see beyond the symptoms toward solutions. In-depth explanations of each NEXUS Experience™ survey question can help you understand what your team needs to succeed.
  • Leadership tools: Leaders can’t build culture for people—they must build culture with people. Interactive tools like the Agenda Builder™ can help managers create outlines for staff or one-on-one meetings customized to the needs of your unique culture.
  • Peer-to-peer discussion: How do you handle conflict between the “front” and the “back?” What would you do if your superstar technician threatens to put in her notice? How would you help a struggling colleague? Connect with and learn from program participants, like you, facing similar challenges in an open forum.


1. Survey your team.
2. Process the feedback.
3. Access your resources.
4. Resurvey your team.


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