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From AAHA Press
Anesthesia Record
This updated, two-in-one form facilitates thorough assessments before—and close monitoring after—any anesthetic or sedation event. When completed, it creates a first-rate medical record, too. Designed by an American College of Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia-boarded veterinarian.
Pet Health Brochures, Set of 16
Pet Health Brochures, Set of 19 
Busy, distracted or overwhelmed clients may not be absorbing everything you’re saying. Supplement the conversation with a handy, take-home brochure that clients can refer to again and again.
Educating Your Clients from A to Z
Educating Your Clients from A to Z
For best results for your patients and your practice, client communication should be clear and consistent throughout the practice. Your front-office staff should feel just as informed and empowered as your technicians and associates when talking to clients.
Physical Exam Stickers
Physical Exam Stickers
Updated in 2010, this sticker now includes a place to record body condition score and muscle condition score. Record information for all vital systems as well as a pain management assessment with this concise, easy-to-use sticker. Information completed on this sticker meets several of AAHA’s medical record and pain management standards.

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