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Career Resources

Looking for the perfect professional to join your team? Looking for the perfect job in the veterinary industry?

The AAHA Career Center can help! Post your job openings and search for jobs. The AAHA Career Center is part of the Veterinary Career Network, any member or nonmember can use the Career Center once you create an account or use your existing AAHA login information.



Financial planning

Use these financial and money management tools to map out a plan for financial success in your personal and professional life.

  • Loan calculator—Calculate obligations for Stafford, Perkins, and other loans.
  • Budget planning templates -Creating a system to track your expenses doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, you can use these templates as guides and customize them for your personal circumstances. Print the PDF, then incorporate the information in a paper budget system or in the computer application of your choice, or click here to download the template as an Excel file.
  • Net worth template -The first step in creating a smart money-management plan is to determine exactly where you stand. Use this Excel document to list your assets and liabilities and then calculate the difference to reveal your current net worth.

Career planning and tools

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