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Personal Mission Statement

There's a huge difference between a list that determines where you will be hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute and a mission statement that clearly states what you are working toward for a specific period of time. The difference is one of focus — and that focus is based on who you are, what you believe and what you really want.

Rate Your Values - This online quiz helps you decide what’s most important in your life.
Mission Template -Use this online template to start crafting your personal mission statement today.
Evaluate a Job- How does that job you’re considering stack up against your mission?

Vision Planning

Perhaps more than any other point in your life, graduating from veterinary school is a time of immense change. Where will you work? Where will you live? How will you juggle increasingly complex personal, family and work commitments? What steps will you take to ensure you can look back on your life with satisfaction and pride?

Three easy steps - Create your vision plan through three easy steps.
Create your values list - Use this online tool to help create your values list.

Goal Setting

Often, the only difference between someone who has a clear, exciting dream of her future and someone who actually realizes her dream, are well-defined goals. Goals keep you on track. They prevent you from wasting valuable time on activities that sound good but don’t move you closer to what you really want. But goals are more than a glorified to-do list. And that’s good, because let’s be honest: the last thing you need are more things to do.

Create SMART goals - Use our interactive tool to create your own SMART goals

Life Balance

For many students, veterinary school is the culmination of years of study, preparation, goal setting and dreams. Still, finding time to give adequate attention to personal and academic demands can be draining.

Balance Quiz - Identify which aspects of your life need more attention.
Self-assessment - Use this quiz to help assess your lifestyle and see what might need changing.

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