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Materials, Instruments, and Equipment

As with dental techniques, it is important to keep the dental materials up-to-date and veterinarians must be aware of what materials are considered appropriate for the treatment of dental conditions. Commonly used materials can be found by consulting a dental text and attending continuing education programs presented by a dental specialist.

Instruments and dental equipment require routine and frequent maintenance. Maintenance information can be found in some dental texts and through the manufacturer. Instruments must be sharp and properly stored, and instruments in poor condition need to be replaced. A written protocol needs to be established and followed for equipment and instrument care. As with human dentistry, instruments that enter the oral cavity should be sterilized. Packets organized by dental procedure (e.g., examination, extraction, periodontal surgery) should be prepared and sterilized before use.

Recommended materials, instruments, and equipment for performing dental procedures are listed in Tables 2 and 3 (Pages 7, 9). Consult the reference list associated with these guidelines for recommendations and information on ordering equipment.3–7

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