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Nutrition plays an important role in oral health; therefore, it is important for the healthcare team to have an understanding of the impact of nutrition on their patients. A properly balanced diet is essential for good general health, including health of oral tissues. For good oral health, it is the form of the diet, not the nutritional content, that is critical for good oral health. A diet that provides mechanical cleansing of the teeth is an excellent way of retarding the accumulation of dental plaque and calculus. Dental diets and chews can be very effective if the owner is unable to brush the teeth. Dental diets work either by “brushing” the crowns of the teeth as the animal chews or by coating an anticalculus agent on the surface of the teeth. Nutrition becomes even more critical in dental health when the client is unable to provide home oral hygiene by brushing.47 During subsequent examinations, evaluate client compliance, revise the treatment plan as needed, and redefine the prognosis.
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