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Release Date: 10/1/2018
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Acceptable Descriptions

Pylorospasm (335002)
Pylorospasm (Preferred)

Ulcerative stomatitis (450005)
Ulcerative stomatitis (Preferred)

Nystagmus (563001)
Nystagmus (Preferred)

Episcleritis (815008)
Episcleritis (Preferred)

Complete cataract (849000)
Complete cataract (Preferred)
Mature cataract (Acceptable)

Prolonged QRS complex (991002)
Prolonged QRS complex (Preferred)
Wide QRS complex (Acceptable)

Apnea (1023001)
Apnea (Preferred)
Not breathing (Acceptable)

Intracranial hemorrhage (1386000)
Intracranial hemorrhage (Preferred)

Metabolic alkalosis (1388004)
Metabolic alkalosis (Preferred)

Fear (1402001)
Fright (Acceptable)
Afraid (Acceptable)
Fear (Preferred)

Chalazion (1482004)
Chalazion (Preferred)
Meibomian gland cyst (Acceptable)

Biliary cirrhosis (1761006)
Biliary cirrhosis (Preferred)

Renal tubular acidosis (1776003)
Renal tubular acidosis (Preferred)

Pancreatic necrosis (1835003)
Pancreatic necrosis (Preferred)

Pelvic limb paraparesis (1845001)
Paraparesis (Acceptable)
Pelvic limb paraparesis (Preferred)
Hindlimb partial paralysis (Acceptable)
Posterior paresis (Acceptable)

Osteopetrosis (1926006)
Osteopetrosis (Preferred)
Bone thickened (Acceptable)

Cerebral edema (2032001)
Cerebral edema (Preferred)

Pharyngeal edema (2129002)
Pharyngeal edema (Preferred)

Gallop heart sound (2170000)
Gallop rhythm (Acceptable)
Gallop heart sound (Preferred)

Onychomalacia (2469009)
Onychomalacia (Preferred)
Soft nail (Acceptable)
Claw softened (Acceptable)

Anuria (2472002)
Anuria (Preferred)

Malnutrition (2492009)
Malnutrition (Preferred)
Malnourished (Acceptable)

Ketosis (2538008)
Ketosis (Preferred)

Periodontal disease (2556008)
Periodontal disease (Preferred)

Joint crepitation (2764000)
Joint crepitation (Preferred)
Joint crepitus (Acceptable)

Joint mouse (2775001)
Joint mouse (Preferred)
Loose body in joint (Acceptable)

Stenotic nares (2828008)
Stenotic nares (Preferred)
Congenital stenosis of nares (Acceptable)

Vitamin A-responsive dermatosis (2856003)
Vitamin A-responsive dermatosis (Preferred)

Immune thrombocytopenia (2897005)
Thrombocytopenia due to immune destruction (Acceptable)
Immune thrombocytopenia (Preferred)

Melena (2901004)
Melena (Preferred)
Black, tarry stool (Acceptable)

Male infertility (2904007)
Male infertility (Preferred)

Arterial flow obstruction (2929001)
Arterial flow obstruction (Preferred)
Obstruction of artery (Acceptable)

Vitreous prolapse (3044008)
Vitreous prolapse (Preferred)

Otitis externa (3135009)
Otitis externa (Preferred)

Fungal infection (3218000)
Fungal infection (Preferred)
Mycosis (Acceptable)

Stomatocytosis (3272007)
Stomatocytosis (Preferred)

Toad intoxication (3276005)
Toad intoxication (Preferred)
Toad poisoning (Acceptable)

Cyanosis (3415004)
Cyanosis (Preferred)

Tachycardia (3424008)
Tachycardia (Preferred)
Rapid heart beat (Acceptable)
Heart rate fast (Acceptable)

Myotonia (3434004)
Myotonia (Preferred)

Synovial membrane abnormal (3519007)
Synovial membrane abnormal (Preferred)
Disorder of synovium (Acceptable)

Arthritis (3723001)
Arthritis (Preferred)
Joint inflammation (Acceptable)
Joint inflamed (Acceptable)

Whipworm infection (3752003)
Whipworm infection (Preferred)
Trichuriasis (Acceptable)

Subcutaneous emphysema (3830001)
Subcutaneous emphysema (Preferred)

Proctitis (3951002)
Proctitis (Preferred)
Rectum inflamed (Acceptable)

Lower urinary tract infection (4009004)
Lower urinary tract infection (Preferred)

Phthisis bulbi (4229009)
Phthisis bulbi (Preferred)
Globe of eye shrunken (Acceptable)

Gingival recession (4356008)
Receding gingiva (Acceptable)
Gingival recession (Preferred)

Dental plaque formation (4522001)
Dental plaque formation (Preferred)
Dental plaque (Acceptable)

Intraventricular conduction defect (4554005)
Intraventricular conduction defect (Preferred)

Gastritis (4556007)
Gastric inflammation (Acceptable)
Gastritis (Preferred)
Stomach inflamed (Acceptable)
Catarrhal gastritis (Acceptable)

Osteomalacia (4598005)
Osteomalacia (Preferred)

Pyuria (4800001)
Pyuria (Preferred)
Pus in urine (Acceptable)

Microcytic normochromic anemia (4984008)
Microcytic normochromic anemia (Preferred)

Urinary casts (5277004)
Urinary casts (Preferred)

Subcutaneous hematoma (5309003)