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2013 AAHA/AAFP Fluid Therapy Guidelines Protocol Template

Download this template from aaha.org/professional/resources/fluid_therapy_download_center.aspx to prompt discussion and to record how your practice will implement the guidelines.

Hospital name
Date created/updated
Implementation date
Next review/update

Purpose: Outline the purpose of this protocol and how it furthers your practice mission/vision.

Team member(s) responsible for carrying out this protocol:

Supervisor/point person for managing implementation:

Training: Specify who is trained, on what topics and how often/when.
      Who performs training and where?

Areas to address


Use algorithms and checklists, as well as tables and charts.
Decide when fluids will be administered in our hospital (i.e., every anesthetic procedure?).

Medical record:

How will the fluid therapy plan be recorded?
      Who will be responsible for doing so?
How will monitoring be recorded?
      Who will be responsible for doing so?
      How often will notations be made?
Will there be checklists used on a whiteboard, cage-side or in the surgery suite?
      If so, when/how is that information transferred to the client record?

Client communication:

Who is responsible for updating the client on patient status?


What items need to be kept in stock and in what quantities?

      What fluids and electrolytes will we keep in stock?
      Who is responsible for monitoring inventory levels?
      What supplies are essential for fluid therapy?
      Who is responsible for monitoring inventory levels?
      What is the maintenance and monitoring schedule for our equipment?
      Who is responsible?
      Where are technical support numbers kept?
   Client educational materials
      What materials do we need and for what conditions or situations?
      Who is responsible for ensuring clients receive appropriate materials and instructions?

Team motivation:

How will we stay excited about fluid therapy?

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