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Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative

AAHA Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative

What happened to the veterinary dream?

Countless children have dreamt of growing up to work with animals. But, what happens when that dream becomes a reality and you realize that being a veterinary professional isn’t as dreamy as you once thought?

As a veterinary professional, you or your team might be:

  • Facing crushing student loan debt and a starting salary that barely pays the bills
  • Experiencing pet owners who only bring their pets to you when they’re really sick, get angry about the cost of your recommendations, blame you because they can’t afford to pay for the care, and then publicly shame you online
  • Working long hours with few breaks and not leaving enough time to take proper care of yourself
  • Dealing with severe compassion fatigue or psychological distress

It’s no secret that well-being issues plague the veterinary profession. That’s why AAHA created the Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative.

Healthy culture, happy team

The AAHA Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative helps veterinary teams create work environments that foster overall well-being.

The benefits of a healthy practice culture:

  • Decreased employee turnover
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved patient care and client satisfaction
  • Improved engagement, processes, and communication
  • Improved individual well-being
  • Improved practice reputation

Start here

Looking for resources that promote well-being in your practice? Ready to build a healthy practice culture and a fully engaged team? Interested in learning about the key pain points in your practice’s culture? Want to know how well-being and culture are related?
Think your staff would benefit from a personalized report outlining their strengths? Looking to recruit and hire more high-performing team members for your practice?

AAHA's Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative is supported through a generous educational grant from Merck Animal Health.

AAHA-accredited practices, schedule an appointment with your AAHA practice consultant for a review of wellbeing issues specific to the industry, as well as recommendations on the path to get started improving your practice culture. This opportunity includes lunch! Email [email protected] for more information and scheduling.

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