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Infection Prevention and Biosecurity

Infection prevention and biosecurity are an essential part of patient care and should play an important role in the daily practice of veterinary medicine. All veterinary practice team members, from veterinarians to kennel attendants, must maximize measures to prevent the spread of infectious pathogens as part of the care they provide to their patients and clients. An effective infection prevention and biosecurity program is an integral part of the One Health Initiative, a movement put into place to protect humans, animals, and the environment from the negative impact of pathogens.

Infectious disease outbreaks are costly and have devastating short- and long-term effects for animal health professionals and animal care facilities. An infection control and biosecurity plan provides an established mechanism to protect against outbreaks and disease transmission, not just between animals but also between animals and those tasked with caring for them. Environmental surfaces, fomites, and medical devices play an important role in the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms, as many of these pathogens can survive on these surfaces for prolonged periods of time. Developing and implementing an effective infection prevention and biosecurity plan requires a committed team trained to execute a clear, sequential set of well-timed tasks, with each member having assigned areas of accountability.

AAHA recognizes the need for veterinary professionals to be educated about the most current research and information relative to infectious disease control and biosecurity. AAHA is working with Virox Animal Health to provide you with the most effective advice relative to biosecurity for veterinary practices. This booklet is the first of our communications and educational materials on this subject in the years to come. These materials will empower your practice’s infection prevention team to review and improve current protocols on a regular basis. We feel strongly that infectious disease prevention and control is important to veterinary medicine and the health of our pets.

Infection Prevention and Biosecurity
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