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Mentoring at a Glance

by Jan Thomas

The American Animal Hospital Association created mentoring guidelines as well as quick-reference guides to help potential mentors and mentoreds understand what mentoring is and how it can be used to ease graduating DVM students’ transition to veterinary medicine and speed all new hires’ assimilation into a practice.

Former AAHA President Thomas Carpenter, DVM, says that while this resource is a great place for anyone interested in mentoring to start, “It is important to realize that mentoring will look different to each mentored,” Carpenter says. “Although mentoring may not require a ton of time, it does require consistent protected time. It also requires commitment and effort by both the mentor and mentored. If [new associates] can show a potential employer what they would like in a mentoring relationship, [employers] should be able to honestly answer if they can provide it.”


The AAHA Mentoring Guidelines will help you facilitate and define the support you need, as well as show your clinic that you know what is expected of you. The accompanying quick-reference guides and worksheets feature strategies for finding a mentor, responsibilities of each party, the beneficial impact that mentorships bring to successful personal and professional development, maintaining a mentorship, and more. These tools are designed as printer-friendly worksheets—easy to present to current or potential employers:

Adapted from an article of the same title, which appeared in the February 2009 issue of Trends magazine. Copyright 2009 © American Animal Hospital Association. All Rights Reserved.

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