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Preventive pet health care

AAHA is committed to ensuring that pets receive regular preventive health care. Together with the AVMA, AAHA developed the AAHA/AVMA Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines. Developed in response to statistics that indicate visits to veterinarians are declining while preventable diseases in pets are increasing, these guidelines are designed to provide the foundation for the veterinary practice team to promote preventive veterinary medicine.

Partners for Healthy Pets, a program created by AAHA and more than 20 leading veterinary associations and animal health companies, works to ensure patients receive the preventive health care they deserve through regular visits to their veterinarian. The coalition offers tools and resources to enhance the overall vitality of pets and veterinary practices, the delivery of preventive healthcare services, and communication with pet owners about the value of routine care. Research shows that opportunities to increase preventive healthcare visits lie within simple enhancements in everyday practice and, as a profession, we can do a better job of helping pet owners understand the importance and value of preventive pet healthcare.

AAHA knows that better pet health starts with a conversation between a pet owner and their veterinarian. A multi-million dollar outreach campaign by Partners for Healthy Pets has featured print and online outreach, as well as appearances by veterinarians on select talk shows and news media outlets. As a part of its dedication to educating consumers about preventive care, AAHA donated $200,000 to support the Partners for Healthy Pets program in 2013. This robust consumer campaign will help veterinary clients understand how they can protect their pet’s health through the annual veterinary visit.

Veterinarians can join Partners for Healthy Pets for free, giving their entire practice staff access to helpful resources such as the toolkit and educational materials on the website. AAHA members can gain access to these materials and find more information at the Partners for Healthy Pets website.

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