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Rate Your Values

What do you value most?

It's hard to say what's right and wrong when it comes to defining personal values. Any value carried to an extreme can be detrimental, but trying to make a decision — particularly an important career or life decision — without knowing your values can have disastrous results.

Here's a quick way to identify the core values that mean the most to you. Read the term in the first column, then quickly — without second-guessing or taking time to analyze your thoughts — click the button that corresponds with how you feel about the word or phrase.

When you're finished, click "Score". AAHA's online calculator will automatically sort the list based on your top-rated values.

I consider this to be: Extremely
Important Not That
Not Important At All It Doesn't Matter / I Don't Care
1) Academic Awards
2) Financial Independence
3) Wealth (disposable income beyond financial independence)
4) Career Success (job title, compensation, etc.)
5) Professional Recognition (industry, association)
6) Media Attention
Professional Accomplishments
1) Providing Excellent Patient Care
2) Providing Excellent Client Service
3) Long-Term Job Security (as an employee)
4) Owning a Practice
Personal/Professional Standards
1) Integrity
2) Creativity
3) Pro Bono Work
4) Professional Development (learning)
5) Having a Mentor (learning)
6) Being a Mentor (giving back)
7) Honesty
8) Growth (professional, career, opportunities, etc.)
9) Personal Development (intellectual, skill)
10) Adventure
11) Being a Leader
12) Being a Role Model
13) Company Recognition
14) Security/Personal Safety (at home, at work)
Personal Freedom
1) Flexible Schedule
2) Time Off (vacations, holidays)
3) Balance (work/life)
Personal Relationships
1) Spouse/Significant Other's Personal Happiness
2) Spouse/Significant Other's Career Fulfillment
3) Children
4) Love
5) Happiness

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