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The NEXUS Experience™

Your practice culture isn’t static. It is constantly evolving, either building positive energy or depleting the energy and resourcefulness of your team members.

Because cultures are built in touchpoints—the daily connections we have with one another—the process of building culture is inclusive and ongoing. The first step in that process is knowing where your culture stands now…but how?

We tend to want to look at numbers, such as productivity and profitability, for clues about our organizational culture. The truth is, there is no yardstick for measuring culture and data alone misses the mark. Instead, the true measure of culture is all about engagement—that is, how your team members feel and think about their roles in your practice—and the best way to find out is simply to ask them.

The NEXUS Experience™ is a survey tool that allows you to begin analyzing culture at the most local level—with direct feedback from employees in real time—and apply the results to your practice as a whole. More importantly, it is a conversation starter designed to involve every team member in the realization of your practice’s ultimate goal: A healthy, engaged culture.

After completing the survey, each team member will receive a confidential, personalized insight report with strengths-based strategies to help them increase their personal satisfaction, engagement, and growth. Managers will also receive an anonymous, comprehensive report of the entire team’s results.

By reviewing these results together, you can:

  • Provide a springboard for positive discussion and new ideas
  • Make gradual shifts in how your team works together
  • Identify collective strengths and growth areas
  • Stay in touch with your team’s unique needs
  • Set shared goals and outline actionable steps to achieve them


1. Survey your team.
2. Process the feedback.
3. Access your resources.
4. Resurvey your team.


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