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Trends Digital Issue

The Virtual Patient: Can Telehealth Work For You? Something to Smile About: Updated Dental Care Guidelines from AAHA

April 2019

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

AAHA President-Elect Guylaine Charette, DMV, talks telehealth, while the CE highlight of the month is on the Veterinary Management Series: Culture, HR, and Marketing. AAHA's Marilyn Eudaly receives award for dedicated service. Dear AAHA looks at best practices surrounding pregnant team members and anesthesia, and a cool infographic introduces your Member Experience team.
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News briefs and noteworthy snippets: A list of useful keyboard shortcuts; 9 tips for better emails; new tax law; strange facts about toxoplasmosis; taking your best self to work; facts on isoxazoline hazards; wacky pet laws; and interesting words for things pets do.
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The Telehealth Trend: Are You Ready?

This article provides definitions, examples, how-to’s, and resources related to telehealth, including teleadvice, teletriage, telemedicine, mobile health (mHealth), teleconsulting, telecommunication, telesupervision, and ePrescriptions. It also introduces the sea of change occurring in the practice of veterinary medicine, in part due to the recent change in the Veterinary Privacy Act by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards. That change includes adding telehealth as a way to establish a veterinary-client-patient relationship.
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2019 AAHA Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats: Executive Summary

This executive summary provides a general overview of the information you will find in the guidelines; space constraints prevent publication of the entire guidelines here. It is essential to read the guidelines in their entirety. Find the full guidelines at aaha.org/guidelines.
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5 Steps to a Better Lab: A Case for In-House Laboratory Services

It’s been known for some time that samples tested immediately, in-house, provide better results than those tested later. As more practitioners use in-house equipment to review samples within minutes of collection, the case for the trueness of in-house readings is resounding louder. Are you convinced yet that an in-house laboratory could be a valuable part of your veterinary practice? Whether you have one or you are thinking about acquiring one, make sure that you follow these five steps to a better lab.
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In the Community: Needs = Service

Early in this decade, new diagnostic testing and recording technologies made it possible to collect canine test results from commercial laboratories across the United States. Working with commercial laboratories, the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) amassed enormous datasets with the results of tests for B. burgdorferi, Ehrlichia spp., and Anaplasma spp. The datasets were produced monthly, and they covered every county in the United States. Since then, CAPC has expanded its reach, also monitoring the prevalence of heartworm, intestinal parasites, and even FeLV and FIV.
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In the Community: Needs = Service

So often, a practice’s community service emerges from the community itself, and the unique needs of that community. Additionally, practical needs for veterinary care are often coupled with the emotional needs of the populations served. So it is for several of the community service projects for AAHA-accredited practice Animal Hospital of Rowlett in Rowlett, Texas.
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