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Trends Digital Issue

June 2018

June 2018

The Trends digital archive contains digital editions of Trends magazine from November 2009 to December 2016. Issues published after December 2016 are available as PDFs.

The digital archive is available to all subscribers to Trends magazine.

Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

In this month’s Inside AAHA, Darren Taul, DVM, president-elect of AAHA, discusses team communication and the role it plays in healthy practice culture. Explored is the importance of nonverbal communication and how miscommunication can occur when the majority of communication in the digital world is verbal. Inside AAHA also features an exclusive interview with Connexity keynote speaker Scott Stratten.
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The opening article in this month’s Notebook discusses new research that shows a striking decrease in feline upper respiratory infection (URI) in shelter cats when cage size is doubled and cats are provided with two compartments. A sidebar describes an emergency ophthalmologic surgery on a K-9 officer named Blitz who caught his right eye socket on a car’s tailpipe during a training exercise. A brief article highlights the importance of veterinarians counseling clients about the environmental impact of improperly discarded pet pharmaceuticals. In a brief article, five essential and three recommended pages for small business websites are listed. A short note lists seven behaviors that contribute to effective time management. A quick snippet examines workplace violence and offers practical steps for both avoiding workplace violence and for keeping employees safe in the event violence happens. Lastly, an article explores a study by researchers from the UK and Brazil who recommend that dogs showing fear or anxiety when faced with loud or sudden noises should be routinely assessed for pain by veterinarians.
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Acupuncture: Where East Meets West— Is Your Practice Ready to Join the Emerging Complementary Medicine Trend?

This month’s feature article discusses how medical science and holistic health are merging and the growing interest in alternative healthcare among pet owners, particularly acupuncture. The article describes the two approaches to veterinary acupuncture: an Eastern, energy orientation as outlined in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), and a Western, medical orientation. The article provides testimonials from veterinarians who have incorporated acupuncture treatment into their practices and offers guidance on starting out on the acupuncture road, which involves training and certification. The article goes on to discuss how to market acupuncture services as well as the logistics of acupuncture appointments, such as the amount of time needed per appointment, space considerations, and pricing options.
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Will Your Employees Be Able to Retire?: Get Staff to Save Early to Ensure a Secure Future

This article discusses retirement saving among veterinary staff and why many fail to contribute to retirement programs offered by their employers. The article also explains why many employees don’t truly grasp the importance of keeping their retirement plan going if and when they leave a practice, even after they are made aware that their plan can be rolled over. This results in hefty early withdrawal penalties. The issue of not being able to afford to save is also addressed. The article concludes with several practical tips for starting to build a nest egg.
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Communicating with Millennials: Seek Connections on the Individual Level

This in-depth article provides insight into communication styles used by millennials in the workplace and how employers can more successfully tap their talents. Millennials’ appreciation of collaboration, tendency to communicate through technology, inquisitive nature, and pursuit of a greater purpose are all discussed.
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Make the Most of Online Reviews: 7 Steps to Maximizing Your Online Presence

This article delves into the power of online reviews and the strategies practices can implement to improve their online presence. The article describes the seven action steps employed by a fictional animal hospital in Manhattan to improve client satisfaction by examining online reviews. The article shows how reading online reviews can be used to improve customer service and proactively address complaints, leading to higher-quality reviews online.
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The Trainer’s Secrets, Part 2: Accelerated Learning Engages Learners Emotionally and Triggers Deep Learning

This article discusses the benefits of accelerated learning (AL), which is based on the belief that stories, games, music, art, roleplaying, and other creative training methods relax learners. Once relaxed, the learning occurs naturally. Discussed are how discoveries in the field of neuroscience have deepened and expanded AL, how emotions dictate how well the brain will learn new material, and the importance of both novelty and familiarization in gaining learners’ attention. Outlined are the five phases of the AL cycle, which include: prepare the learner, connect with the learner, present the content creatively, practice the content, and reflect on the content.
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In the Community: Leesburg Gives Back

Spotlighted in this month’s In the Community is AAHA-accredited Leesburg Veterinary Hospital (LVH) in Leesburg, Virginia. The staff at LVH is dedicated to volunteerism and highly engaged in the local community. The article describes the hospital’s feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return clinics and no-cost heartworm treatments.
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