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Trends Digital Issue

Socially Conscious: What You Need to Know About Managing Social Media; Green Is Good: Why and How to Make an Environmental Commitment; Dermatology; Nutrition Quiz; Practice Design

June 2019

The Trends digital archive contains digital editions of Trends magazine from November 2009 to December 2016. Issues published after December 2016 are available as PDFs.

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

Board member Margot K. Vahrenwald, DVM, CVJ, talks about the importance of nutritional knowledge; an AAHA member receives an award from the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association; Dear AAHA answers a question about retaining client medical records; and five reasons to renew your AAHA membership.
Page 11


A new cartoon from “The Practice Life,” pets at work, celebs who wanted to be vets, how to not be jealous, MAF branches out beyond golden retrievers, and robot friends for pets.
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Socially Conscious: Understand and Harness the Power of Social Media

This story discusses the global reach of social media, relays figures about the number of people using social media, and identifies some of the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It examines the pros and cons of each platform as it relates to veterinary practices, discusses the demographic groups that use each of the platforms, and offers best practices for making the best use of the various platforms.
Page 24

Green Is Good: Why and How Your Practice Can Make An Environmental Commitment

Is your practice considering going green? Or is yours a green practice looking for ways to deepen your environmental commitment? In either case, Trends has you covered! We have collected firsthand information from environmentally committed practices, charted some steps involved in going green, and compiled links to helpful online resources.
Page 32

The Skinny on Genes: What You Should Know About Genetic Testing

It’s a confusing world for veterinary healthcare teams when it comes to genetic testing. There are now panels available that will screen for dozens or even hundreds of different genetic variants and markers. At the same time, most genetic tests today are also available directly to consumers, so clients can request such testing themselves, just as they do with companies like 23andMe and other similar services.
Page 39

Quiz: Hot Topics in Nutrition—Test Your Knowledge

Pumpkin, turmeric, and CBD, oh my! Clients are asking questions. Can you answer them?
Page 46

Strategies for Remodels and Additions: From Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design

This article is an excerpt from Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design (AAHA Press 2018). Find it online at aaha.org/design.
Page 53

Hanging Out at the Animal Hospital: A Pet Owner's Point of View

A client’s perspective on having her local veterinary practice as a go-to hangout.
Page 59

In the Community: Relationships Are Key to Community Service

Relationships are the backbone of a community, be they in a major city or a small town. And for AAHA-accredited Veterinary and Rehabilitation Center of Cape Elizabeth, in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, that is especially true.
Page 64
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