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The Virtual Patient: Can Telehealth Work For You? Something to Smile About: Updated Dental Care Guidelines from AAHA

May 2019

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

Mark McConnell, BVMS, MRCVS, AAHA's immediate past president, talks about retirement planning, the cover story for this issue. AAHA CEO Mike Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP (Emeritus), was recognized recently at The Bridge Club's Industry ICON event, which honors influential people in the veterinary industry. Dear AAHA explores the ins and outs of obtaining medical records from other practices.
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What's new in canine pyroderma, shorter job applications are sweeter, The Practice Life cartoon, social media hacks
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How Will You Write Your Next Chapter? Retirees Offer Surprising Insights

While making sure you have enough money is important and typically the focus of retirement planning articles, what about the other aspects? How does life change? What do you do? Who are you after you retire? Six retired veterinarians offer their perspectives on the realities of this stage of life and what you might want to consider.
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The Art of Attracting and Retaining New Clients: Turning a New Client into a Loyal Client Has Myriad Benefits—Including Financial Ones

Moving to a new area can be stressful for pet owners who want to find the right animal hospital for their beloved pets. When practices understand this and work to build trust with new clients, it can prove worthwhile when they become loyal clients who follow recommendations for their pets’ care—ultimately helping both the animal and the practice’s bottom line. This article interviews representatives from successful animal hospitals about ways they attract and retain these potential VIP clients.
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Special Section: Forward Booking—How Forward Booking Leads to Better Patient Care

Forward booking can be a powerful tool for adding value to your practice. This AAHA-AVMA white paper outlines how this practice can lead to improved patient care as well as tips on how to implement it.
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A Tech Is Not a Tech Is Not a Tech . . . Anymore: Opportunities Are Knocking for Veterinary Technicians—But Are They Answering?

For many veterinary technicians, careers in clinical practice are short lived, often halted by feelings of stagnation in a field plagued by inadequate pay, rampant toxicity, and scant possibilities for upward mobility. By shedding light on available opportunities for technicians in government, education, sales, insurance, marketing, and other facets of veterinary medicine, the profession aims to empower technicians to pursue alternative career paths without leaving the field they love.
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The Changing Role of Pet Insurance: Industry Has Taken Great Strides but Is Still Evolving

Pet insurance can lower the barrier to clients visiting the practice more often. However, some veterinarians are still dubious about pet insurance and how it helps their clients. Some feel the pet insurance industry is sliding toward the models seen in human healthcare, which leads many to have concerns about how the pet insurance industry will affect veterinary medicine in the future.
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In the Community: Lory Nelson—"Service Above Self"

Communication with animals and people has always come naturally to Lory Nelson, LAT, in her career as a veterinary technician and now as practice manager for AAHA-accredited Pet Express Animal Hospital in Davie, Florida. Communication also serves her well as a dedicated volunteer.
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