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Trends Digital Issue

Fighters: DVMs staying in practice while battling cancer

November 2018

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

AAHA's president-elect, Guylaine Charette, DMV, expounds on the high standards that the AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year must adhere to. Also, articles on how to transform your management skills with VMI, CE Roundup, a Connexity thank-you, and information on AAHA's Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative.
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Industry briefs on how to embrace change, new diabetes therapy, destressing through education, a rare blood disease in a cat, 3D printing, and the fight against antimicrobial resistance.
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Fighters: Veterinary Professionals Face Unique Challenges While Undergoing Cancer Treatments

Veterinarians face unique challenges when undergoing cancer treatments, from increased risk of contracting zoonotic diseases with a suppressed immune system to having to work a physically demanding job while exhausted and in pain. This article discusses precautions to take as well as suggestions for finding support resources. The conversation is particularly vital since about one in eight women will experience breast cancer in her lifetime, and in 2017, veterinary school enrollment was 80.5% female. It stands to reason that the veterinary profession will increasingly be impacted by cancer and needs to develop resources to help colleagues.
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Practice Makes Perfect: Country Hills Pet Hospital is the 2018 AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year

Each year, AAHA pores through numerous applications from some of North America’s best veterinary hospitals to select the AAHA-Accredited Practice of the Year. The 2018 winner is Country Hills Pet Hospital in Eden, Wisconsin. This article features interviews with owner Mark Thompson, DVM, members of his team, and a loyal client of 18 years.
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Where Are All the Cats? 5 Barriers of Feline Preventive Care and How to Overcome Them

Is getting feline patients in the door of your veterinary hospital like, well, herding cats? You’re not alone: Statistics show only half as many cats receive annual exams as dogs—and most new feline patients who do visit the veterinarian don’t return. Why? Like most things about our finicky felines, the answer is “it’s complicated.”
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Practice Finance Made Easy, Part 1: How to Set the Stage for Financial Success

This “how to” article explains the rationale for, and walks the reader through, setting up the AAHA/VMG Chart of Accounts. It also reviews cash versus accrual methods of accounting, and the three basic financial statements every practice should have: the Balance Sheet, the Income and Expense Report, and the Statement of Cash Flows.
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Infographic: Basics of Business Borrowing

Graphical treatment of information on small business loans. It’s not about what you need, but what you can pay back.
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Can You Afford That? Why Veterinary Practices Need to Look at Pricing Differently

Most pricing is determined by the cost-based pricing method. The price is determined by estimating costs and adding a predetermined mark-up percentage. Deciding which costs to take into account is the first hurdle to overcome. Next is the markup. The veterinary industry has some common “rule of thumb” mark-ups that have been used over the years. Although an easy method, it is not one that takes into account other important factors, and in some cases, confusion abounds when trying to determine which costs to add to the pricing calculation and markups.
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In the Community: Mush!

For the past 10 years, David Palmini, DVM, founder and managing director of AAHA-accredited Sano Hospital for Animals in Conifer, Colorado, has donated his time, services, and travel expenses to Iditarod sled dog teams during the race.
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