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Trends Digital Issue

Well Tech: Technicians and Wellness, Low Stress Legacy

October 2018

The Trends digital archive contains digital editions of Trends magazine from November 2009 to December 2016. Issues published after December 2016 are available as PDFs.

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

Pam Nichols, DVM, talks about how technicians are the lifeblood of every veterinary practice. Also covered are management skills and the Healthy Workplace Culture Initiative.
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Landmark surgery at Cornell; five responses to stress; CBD for dogs; preparation for a cyberattack; PetSmart opportunities, improve at-work communication
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Well Tech: Technicians and Wellness

Veterinary technicians suffer from many of the same stresses that veterinarians do, but they also have their own special set of circumstances, which adds to stress, burnout factor, and anxiety. This article delves into some of the unique issues that technicians face, and how the recent focus on wellness in the veterinary industry can help veterinary technicians.
Page 24

Special Photospread: [email protected]

The annual Trends [email protected] photospread celebrates the hard work that veterinary technicians do all year. The photos are submitted by practices from around North America, and the best are published each October in honor of National Veterinary Technician Week.
Page 29

Changing the World for the Better: The Low Stress Legacy of Sophia Yin

Sophia Yin, DVM, MS, changed the way animals are handled when they are fearful or "difficult." Her method, Low Stress Handling, is used by thousands of practitioners to help animals feel more comfortable and to keep veterinary staff safer. Her suicide four years ago was a tragic loss for the veterinary world. This article takes a close look at her methods and how her legacy lives on.
Page 35

Turning Pain into Gain: 10 Tips for Improving Your Pain Management Services

Over the last 25 years, the veterinary profession has seen a measurable shift not only in the way pain is treated with the advancement of drugs and a host of other nonmedical therapies, but perhaps more importantly, the way it is understood. Addressing both the physical and emotional effects of pain can yield a number of benefits, including more comprehensive patient care, value-added client service, streamlined hospital protocols, and enhanced bonds between your patients and clients, and your clients and practice.
Page 41

Quantum Networking: The Game of Networking Has Become More Strategic

Whether we realize it or not, the dynamics of quantum mechanics exist in our daily lives. Every day, we build personal and business relationships, strategically and accidentally, that are more than the sum of the individuals in that relationship.
Page 49

Oh, What a Relief It Is: Relief Veterinarians Can Create a Better Work-Life Balance

A relief veterinarian can be a powerful resource for today’s practices and hospitals. Utilizing these trained professionals as part of a human resources strategy can help create opportunities for work-life balance and give staff the ability to recharge and come back with renewed energy for the work at hand. This story discusses key strategies that can help ensure a successful experience for the relief veterinarian, practice staff, and the client.
Page 56

In the Community: K9 (Retirement) to the Rescue!

AAHA-accredited My Pet’s Animal Hospital in Lakeland, Florida, participates in the K9 Care Program, which helps retired K9 dogs with veterinary care.
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