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Trends Digital Issue

Dream Lab, What's in Your In-House Lab? Caring for Those Who Care, Helping Grieving Pet Owners Forge Bonds

September 2018

The Trends digital archive contains digital editions of Trends magazine from November 2009 to December 2016. Issues published after December 2016 are available as PDFs.

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Articles in this issue

Inside AAHA

Newly minted AAHA president Darren Taul, DVM, looks back at his start at AAHA and his goals for the new year. Also featured are end-of-life issues, AAHA's Culture Connection, your VetFolio membership, and a list of new board members for 2018–2019.
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Veterinary industry briefs: The AAFP issues new guidelines for feline environmental enrichment; A team of doctors successfully treats intracranial arteriovenous malformation in a German shepherd; Michigan State University students do their part to promote bee health; reasons why smaller meetings are better; how to start a podcast; and the importance of client testimonials.
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Be Prepared: Notes from the Field on Disaster Planning

More frequent and more extreme weather conditions mean that being prepared for disaster is everybody’s concern, no matter where you live. While you probably have a plan in place for your veterinary practice, take time to review and update it.
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Walking Taul: AAHA's New President Brings Industry Experience

As Darren Taul, DVM, prepares to take the helm as AAHA president for 2018–2019, we take a look at his life and career so far, and his hopes for the coming term. Taul is passionate about veterinary medicine and has the credentials to prove it. Taul serves as the board liaison for the AAHA Membership Audit and Control Committee and is a current member of the AAHA-accredited Veterinary Management Groups. He practices veterinary medicine full-time, lectures on behalf of the association, and consults with veterinary hospitals.
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Going Mobile: APIs Can Help You Connect with Clients

Apple first told us that “there’s an app for that” in 2009. Since then, there are even more apps for that—an estimated six million between the Google Play store and the Apple App store. Within the larger explosion of pet-related apps, there are now client-facing apps that make it easy for veterinarians to move to a digital mobile practice. Which apps should a veterinarian who wants to take their practice mobile look at?
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Online Pharmacies: No Longer a Question of Should You Have One

With growth of online transactions outpacing brick-and-mortar sales by a factor of six, the debate in favor of a veterinary online pharmacy is too easily won. Instead, let’s shift the discussion to how we can make the most of our online pharmacy and what it means for additional client compliance and profit.
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The Mentoring Edge: Mentorship Can Ignite Employee Potential and Drive Business Results

Both employees and mentors can benefit from the mentoring relationships, including improved confidence and skills, re-energizing their careers, and better wellbeing. Learn mentoring basics and roles, then map a plan to implement mentee-mentor relationships in your practice.
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