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What is the AAHA Culture Connection?

A collaboration between AAHA and leading management consulting firm, The Coffman Organization (TCO), the AAHA Culture Connection is a two-part employee engagement program designed to help practices achieve the organizational culture they’ve always wanted by offering personalized insights, recommendations, and tools that empower teams to build a positive and productive work environment together.

  • Part 1: The NEXUS Experience™
    You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. This brief survey uses scientifically targeted questions to measure employee engagement and identify key pain points within your hospital’s current culture. The results are shared in confidential, individualized reports for each member of your team as well as an anonymous group report, which will be used as a springboard for discussion. 
  • Part 2: Practice Management Community
    Now that you know what your practice’s most pressing issues are, it’s time to tackle them. This exclusive online community offers ongoing support through educational resources and interactive tools like the Agenda Builder™, which can help you plan staff meetings customized to the needs of your unique culture—and that team members actually want to attend. 

The AAHA Culture Connection:

  • Allows each team member to see their own role in creating a positive culture through partnership and teamwork
  • Equips managers with the information they need to assess the effectiveness of their hospital culture today
  • Prepares the team to take ownership of the culture needed to rise above the everyday challenges of practice

Ready to be a part of one of the most important professional initiatives of our time?

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1. Survey your team.
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3. Access your resources.
4. Resurvey your team.


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