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Photo submission

AAHA wants to feature your team!  

We'd like to showcase our accredited members in our marketing materials. We'll be featuring practice teams doing the amazing work they do everyday and also feature teams using our Press products. 

Get creative! Show us your team in action.

Here's a list to help guide you in what we're looking for: 

  • Client and veterinarian interaction with pet in exam room
  • Technician working with client and pet in the exam room
  • Veterinary team consulting and/or reading one of our books, with the book cover showing
  • Veterinary team doing an activity related to one of our books or products (for example, performing an ultrasound or dental prophylaxis), with that book or product shown somewhere prominently in the photo
  • Veterinary team using forms and/or stickers
  • Veterinary team using the Controlled Substance Logs
  • Veterinary team filling out Secondary Container labels and looking at the “Veterinary Hazardous Materials Identification” poster for guidance
  • Client reading a pet health or pet behavior brochure in the hospital (or outside the hospital at home)
  • Veterinary team members talking/supporting one another
  • Veterinary team reading Trends, JAAHA, or NEWStat

Send us your photos! 

Submit your photos to 
[email protected] 
or upload your photos to aaha.org/upload with “My photos” typed in the message area. Include your practice name, city, and photo credits.

By submitting photos you agree to the photograph permissions release

Veterinarian and client


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