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Connecting with Clients: Practical Communication for 10 Common Situations, Second Edition
Connecting with Clients: Practical Communication for 10 Common Situations, Second Edition
Dana Durrance, MA
Laurel Lagoni, MS

Pages: 112
Product Code: CONW2
ISBN: 978-1-58326-116-3
Publication Year: 2010
Edition: Second
Format: Perfect-bound
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
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Good communication is the key to any healthy relationship, including those you build with your clients. But when it comes to stickier situations, how well do you and your staff communicate?

The second edition of Connecting with Clients: Practical Communication for 10 Common Situations gives every member of the veterinary team insightful, easy-to-understand information about what to say and do in a variety of challenging client-relations situations. Both a quick reference and team training tool, the book and interactive, online videos tackle 10 real-life scenarios, using discussion and role play to help staff members assess, plan and deliver effective responses. Also included: advice for developing your own protocols, roleplay feedback forms and more. With Connecting with Clients, you’ll have a comprehensive tool kit for improving staff confidence, increasing doctor/client trust and creating more positive client experiences.

Click here for a sample of one of the online videos, which depict real-world situations and let you figure out a resolution.


“The videos that accompany Connecting with Clients are high quality both in picture and in sound. They have a modern setting, are short enough to allow more time for discussion, and use an urgent presentation that demonstrates how key skills can be implemented in compressed time when necessary. By using realistic client reactions, they have a sense of realism not achieved by telling stories. The videos clearly show the importance of working with clients to arrive at communication solutions.” 
—Argus Institute, Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

“Good communication is the key to any successful business or client/doctor relationship. Connecting with Clients is written by experienced and engaged authors who capture the consummate pieces of real day-to-day issues in veterinary medicine and offer practical and usable solutions and advice.”
—Stephen J. Withrow, DVM, Director, CSU Animal Cancer Center, Stuart Chair in Oncology, University Distinguished Professor

About the Authors 
Dana Durrance, MA, was a veterinary grief specialist and consultant who lectured at veterinary conferences, veterinary hospitals, and schools. She and her husband, a veterinarian, owned Mountain Shadows Pet Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She passed away in 2016.
Laurel Lagoni, MS, is president and CEO of World by the Tail Inc. and the director of the Veterinary Wisdom Resource Center. She cofounded the Argus Institute for Families and Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Softcover, AAHA Press, online video component

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

Section 1. Communicating and Connecting
Veterinary Communication
Communication Protocols and Clinical Communication Skills

Section 2. 10 Common Situations
Situation 1. Dealing with Emergencies and Crisis Situations
Situation 2. Dealing with Financial Constraints
Situation 3. Dealing with Mistakes, Accidents, or Unexpected Outcomes
Situation 4. Dealing with Angry Clients
Situation 5. Dealing with Client Complaints
Situation 6. Dealing with Anxious Clients
Situation 7. Dealing with Indecisive Clients
Situation 8. Dealing with Children
Situation 9. Dealing with Euthanasia Appointments
Situation 10. Dealing with Grieving Clients

Appendix: Sample Forms

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