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DISC AMAZON SALE- Pets' Playground: Playing Safe in a Dog-and-Cat World
DISC AMAZON SALE- Pets' Playground: Playing Safe in a Dog-and-Cat World
Amanda Chin BVSc
Pages: 104
Product Code: DGCTK
ISBN: 978-1-58326-115-6
Publication Year: 2009
Format: Perfect-bound
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
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Pets play an important role in child development. They promote the advancement of a range of social attributes in children, including companionship, nurturing, love, affection, responsibility, and respect. However, this human-animal bond can quickly dissolve if simple safety is not practiced. Current trends show that dog bites and fatalities are on the rise, especially in children.

Pets’ Playground: Playing Safe in a Dog-and-Cat World, meant for kids ages four to nine, provides the necessary skills and knowledge to promote safety for both children and their pets while strengthening the human-animal bond.

This 104-page resource is an incredibly fun and educational children’s book that includes 18 diverse activities. Leave a copy in your waiting room for children or make photocopies of the activities to use again and again.

“Written by a veterinarian, this is a colorful guide and workbook that teaches kids how to best care for a pet cat or dog. . . . A useful tool for helping children develop a happy and learning relationship with a pet.”
ForeWord Magazine

Pets' Playground is a practical, complete, kid-accessible manual of responsible safety practices for care and fun with pet cats and dogs. . . . [It] should be required reading for all families who own pets, whether they have kids or not.” 
The Midwest Book Review

About the Author
Dr. Amanda Chin, veterinarian, author, and international spokesperson, has developed a career in promoting preventive medicine to preserve the human-animal bond. She consults on several animal-related issues, including nutrition, behavior, and parasite prevention, and is passionate about using education to create a safe and fun environment for people and their pets. Visit kidsandpetsafety.com for more fun games, interesting animal facts, and pet tips.

Softcover, fully illustrated, AAHA Press

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