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101 Essential Tips: Dog Health & Safety
101 Essential Tips: Dog Health & Safety
Jason Nicholas, BVetMed (Hons)
illustrated by Chuck Gonzalez

Pages: 88
Product Code: DOG101
ISBN: 978-0988378124
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8" x 5"
Member (Qty 1-10): $6.95
Non-Member (Qty 1-10): $8.95
Member (Qty 11-29): $5.95
Non-Member (Qty 11-29): $7.45
Member (Min. Qty 30): $4.95
Non-Member (Min. Qty 30): $5.95


Start your clients and their new pets off on the right paw for a safe, healthy relationship on the first visit.
The education and awareness you provide your clients on their first puppy or new dog visit begins your relationship with both pet and client. There’s far too much to cover in the exam room, and your clients simply can’t absorb it all at once. Photocopied handouts just don't cut it for today's pet owner . . . and now they don't have to!
101 Essential Tips: Dog Health & Safety helps your team easily provide reliable, bond-building awareness to your clients at an affordable price.

Sample tips 

“The book is very easy to read and is full of great information. It includes everything I wish I could tell a new pet owner during their first appointment, if only I had the time to spend the whole day with them!”
Tanya ten Broeke, DVM
“As an emergency and critical care specialist, I have found myself saying these things to many surprised clients, time and time again! Had they known this simple wisdom, they would have not put their pet at risk and likely would have saved them money, too! This book is a must for the new pet owner!”
Karl Jandrey, DVM, MAS

About the Author 
Jason Nicholas, BVetMed (Hons), is a veterinarian with extensive experience in both emergency and general practice. Nicholas' insights and tips won't just help your clients spare their pets from avoidable illness, injury, and suffering, they'll also help enable a better, safer, longer relationship with their pets. He is also a regular contributor to radio and TV segments, newspaper articles, and a variety of pet-related websites.

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