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Educating Your Clients from A to Z: What to Say and How to Say It, Second Edition
Educating Your Clients from A to Z: What to Say and How to Say It, Second Edition
Nan Boss DVM
Pages: 288
Product Code: EYCF2
ISBN: 978-1-58326-153-8
Publication Year: 2011
Edition: Second
Format: Perfect-bound
Dimensions: 7 3/8" x 9 1/4"
Member: $44.95
Non-Member: $54.95


Communicating with clients—often enjoyable, sometimes intimidating, always important. After all, according to professional development experts, career success results from 85% people skills and only 15% technical skills. Whether you’re a veterinary student, technician, assistant, or part of the front-office team, this book is sure to boost the other 85% of your effectiveness. 
Covering 26 topics from A (appointments) to Z (zoonotic diseases), author Nan Boss, DVM, uses entertaining, real-world examples and scripts to teach your staff how to convey a positive attitude to clients, increase their understanding of how to care for their pets, and show empathy and lend support when needed. This second edition reflects recent changes in veterinary medicine, marketing strategies and communication principles. Motivating, well-organized and fine-tuned to taking the guesswork out of talking to clients.
About the Author 
Nan Boss, DVM, is the author of The Client Education Notebook: Customized Client Education Materials to Use in Your Own Practice and How We Do Things Here. She is active in several veterinary organizations and speaks for veterinary groups on client-education topics, team training and development, conflict resolution, medical recordkeeping, and wellness program development.

Softcover, with downloadable forms, AAHA Press

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Table of Contents

Veterinary Communication Basics
Behavior and Training
Fleas and Ticks and Other Things That Bite
Grief Counseling and Euthanasia
Intestinal Parasites
Joint Disease
Kittens and Puppies
Laboratory Testing
Money Matters
Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
Over-the-Counter Sales
Questioning Your Clients
Risk Management
Surgery and Anesthesia
Telephone Skills
Urinary Disorders
Weight Control and Exercise for Pets
X-Rays, Ultrasound, and Other High-Tech Procedures
Yearly Exams and Senior Health-Care Recommendations
Zoonotic Diseases 
Concluding Thoughts
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