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Hero Effect: Being Your Best When It Matters the Most
Hero Effect: Being Your Best When It Matters the Most
Kevin Brown
Pages: 144
Product Code: HERO1
ISBN: 978-0692917459
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 5" x 8"
Price: $19.95
Non-Member: $24.95


The Hero Effect is based on Kevin Brown's highly sought-after keynote experience. In a fresh and entertaining style, Brown shares ideas, strategies, and principles that will inspire and equip readers to show up every day and make a positive difference. At the heart of Brown’s message is a simple, yet powerful philosophy for life that drives every thought, every action, and ultimately, every result we achieve both personally and professionally. Your team will be motivated to reach beyond what is required and do something remarkable!
This book is designed to help individuals and organizations do the following:
  • Achieve greater results by eliminating “ordinary" thinking and mastering the habit of excellence; 
  • Own the moments that matter (and they all matter) by taking responsibility for their attitude, their actions and their results; and
  • Create meaningful relationships and deliver an extraordinary experience for every “customer” at work and at home.

About the Author 
Kevin Brown understands what drives organizational excellence and customer loyalty. He knows firsthand how
great brands think, feel, and act. He is a branding and culture expert with a career in franchise development that spans 30 years. He spent the past 19 years as part of a leadership team that built a little-known family business into the number one franchise in their industry with annual revenues reaching two billion dollars. In 2017, he retired from corporate America to take his message around the world. He believes that everyone is in sales and everyone is
responsible for delivering world-class service regardless of title or position. Kevin's clients include Delta Airlines, TransAmerica, Allianz, ExxonMobil, Helzberg Diamonds, State Farm, Northwestern Mutual, Team Worldwide and Rockwell Collins. He has also been a featured keynote speaker at the Presidential National Prayer Breakfast Business Meeting.
Please note: autographed copies are nonreturnable. 

Table of Contents

Introduction: The World Needs Heroes
1. It All Started with a Question
2. Captain Freak-Out
3. The Faces in the Mirror
4. What Does a Hero Look Like?
5. The Gold Standard
6. You Can Never Go Wrong Doing the Right Thing
7. What Is It About the Great Ones?
8. Born Extraordinary
9. Ordinary Is a Choice
10. Bonsai or Bamboo
11. Trusting the Cape
12. Decorate the Boc
13. Hero Reimagined
14. The Fantastic Four Qualities of a Hero
15. Heroes Help People . . . with No Strings Attached
16. The Only Person in the Room
17. Mr. Delicious
18. The Nonnegotiables
19. Validation
20. No Random Acts of Kindness
21. Heroes Create an Exceptional Experience for the People They Serve
22. Josh-Brown
23. Making Magic
24. Apple Pancakes
25. Bea
26. My Pleasure
27. And Then Some
28. Creating a Culture of Heroes
29. Day Two at Disney
30. It’s Not About the Price
31. Heroes Take Responsibility for Their Attitude, Their Actions, and Their Results
32. All That Matters Is What You Believe
33. Reunion
34. Under the Influence
35. The “Aunt Bea Attitudes”
36. A Leader of One or a Leader of None
37. Heroes See Life Through the Lens of Optimism
38. A Bug’s Life
39. Life Without Murphy
40. Heroes Are Larger Than Life
41. The World Needs Your Hero
42. What’s Your Kryptonite?
43. Worse than Kryptonite
44. A Kid from Michigan
45. A Man Named David
46. It’s Called “Self-Help” for a Reason
47. Bumpy Roads in Heaven?
48. A Bump in the Road for My Hero
49. Expect a Miracle
50. Everything Speaks
51. Don’t Suck
52. The Legacy of a Hero

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