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Practical Guide to Managing Employee Performance in Veterinary Practices
Practical Guide to Managing Employee Performance in Veterinary Practices
Karen Parker, DVM
Pages: 190
Product Code: PRGU2
ISBN: 978-1-58326-001-2
Publication Year: 2017
Edition: Revised
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 6'' x 9''
Member: $44.95
Non-Member: $54.95


Take the stress and stigma out of employee performance evaluations and turn them into an ongoing dialogue that yields positive results for you, your team, and your practice.
When done well, performance reviews improve communication, motivation, growth, productivity, and practice culture. Revised in 2017, A Practical Guide to Managing Employee Performance in Veterinary Practices walks you through the process of conducting reviews that provide value to both the team member and manager and support the practice’s organizational and strategic goals.
Separated into three sections—designing an effective review process, preparing for individual reviews to avoid common pitfalls, and conducting successful review meetings—this book also includes:
  • A guide to matching the review process to the practice’s hiring, training, and disciplinary processes
  • Resources to establish metrics to clarify expectations 
  • Expanded lists of team member skills and tasks that will assist in setting and evaluating goals
  • Employee-specific review forms
  • New review categories, including informal, ongoing, and self-appraisals
  • Comprehensive implementation guides
  • Access to customizable practice resources via the companion website
Managing employee performance is about more than just the review process—it’s about investing in the success of your team. Help employees reach their full potential and achieve sustainable results for your practice with this step-by-step guide.
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About the Author 
Karen Parker, DVM, is a graduate of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. While studying business management at Cornell University, she worked in Cornell’s staffing department. She has spent much of her career addressing human resource matters, including more than ten years as a veterinary recruitment specialist as owner of VIP Services, a veterinary placement service specializing in relief placements and consultancy services. Dr. Parker is an experienced business manager, having managed a veterinary practice, a nonprofit organization, and a tech startup. She is currently Director of Marketing at Innovetive Petcare, a company that owns and operates veterinary practices throughout the United States. In her role, Dr. Parker contributes to recruiting and development of human resource processes.
Softcover, AAHA Press 

Table of Contents

Part I. Designing a Review Process
1. Composing Job Descriptions and Training Schedules
2. Timing and Frequency of Reviews: Goal-Driven Reviews, Calendar-Driven Reviews, and Special Cases
3. Timing and Frequency: New Hires
4. Defining Your Review Process
5. General Criteria for Evaulation
6. Goal Setting: Linking Your Practice Goals to Your Team Member Goals
Part II. Preparing for Individual Reviews 
7. Gathering Data
8. Collating Multirater Reviews
9. Writing the Review
Part III. Conducting the Review Meeting 
10. Setting the Tone
11. The Review Meeting Proper
12. Disciplinary Action and Legal Issues
Appendix A. Sample Employee Handbook Section on Employee Appraisals
Appendix B. Software Programs
Appendix C. Sample Forms
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