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SET Pet Health Brochures (Set of 22)
SET Pet Health Brochures (Set of 22)

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Busy, distracted or overwhelmed clients may not be absorbing everything you’re saying. Supplement the conversation with a handy, take-home brochure that clients can refer to again and again. These handy, low-cost brochures about common animal health concerns have been recently reviewed and updated by board-certified veterinarians. All 22 Pet Health Brochures feature a convenient question-and-answer format and fresh new design.

This set includes the following, which are also available to order individually
in packs of 50:

“We have carried the Pet Health brochures for many years and pass them out regularly to our clients. These brochures cover many topics, are very informative, and help us to convey a clear message of understanding regarding the standard of care we offer to our patients. The newer designs are very user friendly and speak to the client in a way they can understand through a clear message and plain language. It helps the client see the need for the recommendation along with the big picture, without being confused by the medical speak so often thrown into these types of conversations. I highly recommend including these brochures in any clinic's client education program.”

—Jennifer Ballinger, CVT, practice manager, Pinellas Animal Hospital
Brochures also available by topic in packs of 50

Set of 22 brochures (50 of each title), 3 1⁄2" x 8 1⁄2", AAHA Press

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