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Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design: From Renovations to New Builds
Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design: From Renovations to New Builds
Vicki J. Pollard, AIA, CVT, and Ashley M. Shoults, AIA
Pages: 384
Product Code: VHDE1
ISBN: 978-1-58326-057-9
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Member: $134.95
Non-Member: $174.95


The design of your hospital can help you make the most of your veterinary business. This book is your blueprint to take your hospital to the next level.
Written for veterinarians and practice managers, Practical Guide to Veterinary Hospital Design is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide to planning, designing, and building a successful hospital. Including up-to-date industry  knowledge from the experts at Animal Arts, this book will guide you and your team from the initial visualization to move in—whether you’re working on minor renovations or a new build.
In addition to technical components such as budgeting and planning for plumbing and electrical systems, the book details how to design a hospital that creates positive, anxiety-free spaces that enhance the relationships between hospital staff, pets, and clients. With full-color photos of hospitals the authors have designed alongside innovative floorplans, this book is your go-to reference for creating a hospital that is both contemporary and profitable.
“This book is a must-read for any veterinary practitioner who is planning to undertake any building project. The authors present a wealth of information in a simple, logical manner that is extremely readable. Architects, engineers, interior designers, and other professionals designing or constructing a veterinary facility should use this book as a reference.”
—Daniel D. Chapel, AIA, NCARB, Chapel Associates Architects
“Everything you need to know to transform your hospital design dream to a reality. This excellent resource covers nearly every aspect of the process—from brainstorming to completion.”
—Deanne Bonner, RVT, CVPM

Table of Contents

Section One: Project Planning
1. The Evolution of Veterinary Hospital Design
2. The Dream Hospital
3. Defining the Scope of the Project
4. Project Budgeting
5. Leasehold Practices: Choosing the Right Space
6. Adaptive Reuse Projects
7. Freestanding Buildings: Choosing the Right Land
8. Strategies for Remodels and Additions
9. Project Timeline
Section Two: An Overview of Hospital Design
10. The Fear FreeSM Design Movement
11. Four Features of Good Hospital Design
12. Biological Risk Management
13. AAHA Accreditation Standards
14. Branding and Curb Appeal
15. Transparency in the Hospital
16. Generational Dynamics in the Workplace
17. Planning for Growth and Future Expansion
18. Sustainable Design
19. Basic Rules of Floor Plan Design—Small Hospitals
20. Basic Rules of Floor Plan Design—Large Hospitals
21. Specialty/Referral Hospitals
22. Emergency Hospitals
23. Feline Hospitals
24. Equine and Large Animal Hospitals
25. Mixed Animal Hospitals
Section Three: The Design of Veterinary Spaces
26. Reception Areas
27. Exam Rooms
28. Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Charting
29. Treatment Areas
30. Intensive Care Unit
31. Dental Services
32. Diagnostic Imaging
33. Specialty Imaging
34. Oncology
35. Additional Specialty Services
36. The Surgery Zone
37. Physical Rehabilitation
38. Animal Housing
39. General Wards
40. Isolation Wards
41. Ancillary Services
42. Hospital Support Spaces
Section Four: Building Systems and Finishes
43. HVAC Design
44. Plumbing Design
45. Medical Gas Design
46. Noise Control
47. Lighting Design
48. Flooring
49. Walls and Ceilings
50. Doors and Windows
51. Color Palettes
52. Furnishings
53. Equipment Coordination 
Section Five: Construction and Occupancy
54. Regulatory Requirements
55. Project Delivery Methods
56. Estimating Versus Bidding
57. The Construction Process
58. The Jobsite
59. Project Closeout
60. Post Move-in—Warranties and Maintenance
61. The Dos and Don’ts and Tales from the Trenches

Conclusion: The Future of Veterinary Care

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