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AAHA Press

AAHA_Press_Logo_NoTag_Color.jpgAAHA Press is the publishing arm of the American Animal Hospital Association, with a mission to provide educational and practical resources for the veterinary profession.

Our bestselling resources include books on practice management, hospital safety, client education, and pet loss in addition to the staples you rely on, such as forms, stickers, and medical records.

Featured and bestselling


The Veterinary Fee Reference, Eleventh Edition

A new and updated edition has the critical data to help set the right prices so your practice can attract new clients, satisfy loyal clients, and keep you profitable and competitive.
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Vital Statistics Series

The Vital Statistics Series Set—including the brand-new Veterinary Fee Reference—has the expert data to position your practice for peak performance.

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AAHA Guide to Safeguarding Controlled Substances

The ultimate resource for understanding DEA regulations and ensuring your practice is safe and fully compliant.

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AAHA Controlled Substance Logs

Updated and improved to ensure best practices, the AAHA Controlled Substance Logs help veterinary professionals meet the DEA’s stringent recordkeeping requirements in all 50 states. 

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10 best-practice tips for controlled substance compliance

10 best-practice tips for controlled substance compliance

Smart practitioners run their practices as if the DEA could come through their doors at any minute. They incorporate compliance as part of their company’s DNA and create robust processes that can quickly become second nature for practitioners and staff.


Featured AAHA authors

Jack Teitelman and Kelley Detweiler, the DEA experts behind the updated AAHA Controlled Substance Logs and the AAHA Guide to Safeguarding Controlled Substances 

Author Jack Teitelman

Jack Teitelman

is a retired DEA supervisory special agent and the founder and CEO of TITAN Group. Upon retiring from the DEA, Jack saw increasing gaps in DEA compliance throughout the healthcare industry as America’s opioid epidemic continued to scale, which led him to draw on his three decades of expertise in government and controlled substance security to form TITAN Group. He currently resides in Randolph, New Jersey, with his wife and TITAN cofounder Sharon, along with their dog Travis and cat Lola.

Author Kelley Detweiler

Kelley Detweiler

is the managing partner and chief operating officer of TITAN Group. In 2017, Kelley helped Jack and Sharon Teitelman cofound TITAN Group, merging her experience in packaging compliance and marketing with their vision to provide DEA compliance solutions to healthcare and veterinary professionals working with controlled substances. In addition to TITAN Group, Kelley helped launch Athletes for CARE, a not-for-profit organization that provides opioid-alternative healthcare solutions to professional athletes following a career in sports. Kelley currently resides in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her husband, two children, and tribe of dogs and bunnies.

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