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A carefully detailed proposal helps us evaluate both the technical merit of a proposed AAHA Press product and its potential market.

Author information

Include pertinent information about yourself, as well as a curriculum vitae or résumé. Highlight your current and past professional responsibilities, academic credentials, and prior writing experience. If your proposal is an edited collection, please include pertinent details about the contributors.


The title should be succinct yet descriptive. It should accurately reflect the subject of your product and possibly its benefits to the reader.


Describe in one or two paragraphs what your project is about, its approach, and why it is needed. Include the intended purpose, scope of coverage, and limitations (what the project will and won’t cover).

Table of contents or outline

Prepare a table of contents or outline with as much detail as possible. List all chapter titles and key subsections. Include chapter summaries that explain the main theme and scope of each chapter.

Sample chapter

Submit one or two sample chapters that clearly demonstrate the organization, content, and writing or presentation style. Please do not submit the entire manuscript. If we would like to see the entire manuscript, we will let you know.


List the intended audience for your product. If the purchaser is different from the user (as when a practice owner purchases a product for use by technicians), please specify that. If it could be used in a classroom setting, please list the courses in which it could be used.


List the author, title, and publisher of any products currently available on the subject you are covering in your own project. Compare your product with these, indicating strengths and weaknesses. Explain the need for your proposed project and how you intend to fill a specific gap in coverage or provide a special approach to the subject.

Project plan

Provide details about the project. For a book: number of words; number and kind of art (including figures, illustrations, and photos); number of tables; any reprinted material you intend to use; time needed to complete the final manuscript; and any other information you wish to share. For other press products: length; writing and production needs; format; permissions issues; and any other information you wish to share.


List several potential peer reviewers, with whom you have no personal or professional relationship. If possible, please include their affiliations and contact information.

Marketing opportunities

Please specify regular speaking or teaching engagements, or other opportunities to market this book to your primary audience, identified above.

Simultaneous submission information

List the names of other publishers to whom you have submitted a proposal (if relevant).

Please note that we are unable to return hard copies of submitted materials unless you include a self-addressed envelope with return address and sufficient postage with your submission.