Financial and Productivity Pulsepoints

Profitability Simulator

Small changes can make a big difference. What minor tweaks can you make to improve your bottom line? Use this tool to simulate the effect of changes you could make—such as increasing your average transaction charge by one dollar—and see, in real time, their larger impacts. Click the image to get started in the new app!

Key Performance Indicators

KPI Podcasts

Quality-of-care ratios are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that make the biggest difference to your practice’s bottom line. Each episode in AAHA's podcast series explains a single KPI.

Introduction to KPIs and 
Quality-of-Care Ratios


Laboratory Ratios


Dental Ratios


Nutrition Ratios


Imaging Ratios



KPI Benchmarking Tool

What gets measured gets done. See where you stand and track your progress against recommended goals.



Benchmarking Tool



Save money. Don't run out of product. AAHA’s custom Inventory Tweaker Tool takes the guesswork out of inventory. Use it to calculate your ideal reorder points.

Setup is easy. You input:

  • The products you use most 
  • How much you use each week
  • Your reorder style: super-safe . . . super-lean . . . or in between?

Watch the Tweaker Tool calculate how much you should reorder.

Great for training!

  • New staff get up to speed in no time
  • Experienced staff step up to more efficient reorder points

Take the quiz to assess your risk level, then download the tool!

Want more info? Read the following Trends articles to learn how the tool reduces waste and hassle.

Take the Guesswork Out of Inventory               Make More by Stocking Less