AAHA's Complete Guide for the Veterinary Client Service Representative

File Instructions

Your access to these files was included in your purchase of AAHA's Complete Guide for the Veterinary Client Service Representative and the files are subject to the notices and disclaimers contained in the Work. These electronic files are provided so that you may modify the Work for use in practice. If you modify the Work, you are solely responsible for any such modification, and neither Jill Renfrew nor AAHA shall have any liability or responsibility for such modification. You agree to hold Jill Renfrew and AAHA harmless from any and all claims, which might arise from your modification of the form.

Save a copy of all files to your hard drive in order to be able to modify them and to preserve them. To do this, click on a downloaded file to highlight it. Right-click on the highlighted file and click “Copy.” After the file has copied, you can decide where you want to save the files, either on your desktop or in the appropriate directory on your hard drive or network. Once you’ve opened the drive in which you want to save the files (or minimized or closed all programs until you are viewing the desktop, if you are saving these files to your desktop), right-click on the white space, click “New,” and then click “Folder.” Name the folder “AAHA Guide for the CSR” or something similar. Double-click the new AAHA Guide for the CSR folder, and then right-click and select “Paste” to copy the files into the new folder. Repeat this step for the next file.

Make sure you have Microsoft Word version 2003 or higher installed on your computer. If you are working with older versions of Word or another word-processing program, you should consult technical support for that program in order to open these documents. The formatting of the Word 2003 documents may change if you open them in a different program. Double-click on a file to open it.

Modifying the Work

AAHA’s Complete Guide for the Veterinary Client Service Representative is meant to apply to as many practices as possible, but you may want or need to make adjustments. First, read it to become acquainted with the ideas. At this point, you can decide if it fits the needs of your practice(s).

After modifying the manuscript, you will want to delete the icons that tell you where customization may be necessary. When done, you may either direct team members to the folder where you have saved the modified file or print out a version to keep at the front desk.

Please call AAHA Press at 800-883-6301 if you have any problems viewing or using the files.

To fit the needs of your practice(s), you can customize the manuscript file (link below) provided in Microsoft Word format to fit your practice’s procedures and protocols. 

Customizable Guide

The Manager's Appendix (download link below) is not meant to be modified, but instead to help you with the modification process. After modifying the manuscript, you will want to delete the icons that tell you where customization may be necessary.

Manager's Appendix


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Microsoft® Word v 2003 or higher