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Employee screening statement

The DEA advises integrating these questions into your employee screening program.


SOP training log

Staff training and standard operating procedures (SOPs) play a large role in safeguarding your controlled substances. You can use this handy signature log to note when employees complete training on SOPs as well as when any signficant SOP changes took effect.


Government publications

DEA Diversion Control Division: General links

Employee background checks and drug testing

Hire Right

Clear Checks

Good Hire

Quest Diagnostics

Employment Screening Resources

Choice Screening

For more information about implementing a drug testing program for your employees, call the Drug-Free Workplace Helpline at 1-800-workplace (1-800-967-5752). The Drug-Free Workplace is coordinated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Resources related to COVID-19

State-specific resources

The opioid epidemic and drug diversion


“DA Asks Veterinarians to Be on Lookout for Opioid Addicts”

“Opioid Addicts Turn to Veterinarians to Feed Habit”

“Owners Using Pets to Get Opioids”

“Veterinarians Help Combat Opioid Abuse”

“Veterinarians Impacted by Opioid Epidemic”


Writing SOPs


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