Finalist for AAHA’s Practice of the Year shares the secrets to his success

Earlier this year, Animal Medical and Surgical Center of Scottsdale, Ariz., was named third place finalist in AAHA’s inaugural Accredited Practice of the Year competition.

What’s the reason for their success?

Owner Charles Pullen, DVM, MS, talks candidly about his triumphs – as well as his mistakes – during his 40-year career in veterinary medicine.

Why did you apply for the award?

Laurie Miller, our AAHA representative, recommended we apply. We’re always interested in doing everything we can to increase client and public awareness of AAHA and what it means to be an AAHA hospital.

We’re also very proud of what we have accomplished and were curious to see how we stacked up against other practices in AAHA.

What makes Animal Medical and Surgical Center so special?

I want to emulate Mayo Hospital because that’s where I received my personal medical care and was so impressed by their patient service. We want our clients to think they are at a “Mayo” hospital for animals.

We focus on absolute cleanliness, attention to detail and dedication to client service. Our housekeeping is impeccable. We’re always trying to offer cutting edge technology and procedures.

I had a new client come in this week. He is a well-known architect who designs buildings for human medicine. He was awestruck by our facility and told me it was nicer than many he has designed.

We’re in the process of installing an MRI. When the technician was taking measurements, he said, “Of all the MRIs I’ve put in human hospitals, I have never seen a nicer facility than this.”

That’s the feeling we want to create and I think we’re accomplishing that.

Making your mission and vision come to life is a struggle for many practices. What is your secret?

The secret is simple: Hire the right leaders who share your vision and your intensity for excellence. These leaders are just as enthused about accomplishing your goals as you are.

It also doesn’t hurt that I have two daughters who play key roles in this. And they are extremely concerned about my success and accomplishing my goals and vision.

The full version of this article will appear in the September issue of Trends magazine.

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