A win and a loss for DVMs running for U.S. Congress

Election Day was mixed for veterinarians running for office across the country.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, DVM (D-Ore.) kept his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives after defeating Republican challenger Scott Bruun on Election Day. Schrader will now serve in the Republican-led House after Republicans gained at least 60 House seats. The GOP needed 39 seats to achieve a majority.

Schrader was quoted in the Oregon Statesman-Journal as saying he was ready to get to work in the new Republican-led House.

"Im still going to work bipartisan, like Ive always done," he said. "These problems dont have a label. Its just a tough, tough economy and we need to work together."

Charles Thompson, DVM, won the Republican primary for Second Congressional District in Oklahoma, but he lost to the general election to Democratic incumbent, Rep. Dan Boren.

The other DVM in U.S. Congress, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), is not up for re-election until 2013.

Other DVMs run for state Legislatures

  • Beth Jones, DVM, lost in Senate District 44 of North Carolina to Republican Warren Daniel.
  • Republican veterinarian Bill Rabon defeated Democrat David Redwine for the state Senate seat in District 8 of North Carolina.
  • The race for Connecticut State Senator in the 4th district was too close to call, with Republican Stewart "Chip" Beckett, DVM, down by less than 70 votes. A local newspaper says the vote is up for a recount.
  • Republican Frank Walker, DVM, lost in North Dakota Senate District 23 to incumbent Democrat Joan Heckaman.

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