More pet owners would choose shelters

According to a recent poll, pet owners are more likely to obtain a new pet from an animal shelter or rescue than from a pet store or breeder.
The survey, conducted by the Associated Press and, asked more than 1,100 pet owners where they were more likely to get their next pet from. Of the respondents, 54 percent said they would get their pet from an animal shelter or rescue center. Twenty-three percent said they would choose a breeder, and only 8 percent said they would go to a pet store.

Respondents also had a slightly more favorable view of the health of pets coming from animal shelters. Nearly half of the respondents (47 percent) said they were very concerned or extremely concerned about the health of a pet that came from a pet store. That’s compared with 38 percent who expressed an equivalent level of concern about breeders, and 32 percent who were equally concerned with the health of a shelter pet.

Pets trump vacation, date night
Another recent survey of pet owners found that 89 percent of pet owners in the United States would give up their vacation for a pet’s surgery, if the surgery would help the pet. Ninety-one percent said they would give up "date night" if necessary to pay for their pets medication.
This survey was conducted by the New York-based health care marketing company grey healthcare group. It found that at least two-thirds of pet owners in the United States and Europe turned to their veterinarian or veterinary assistant for information on their pet’s health. Fifty-nine percent said they would go to the Internet for information, and 33 percent said they would consult family or friends with pets.
Other findings from the survey included:
  • More than half (54%) of US pet owners would buy a supplement for their pet over themselves.
  • In both the US and Europe, approximately 50% of money spent on pets is used on regular visits to veterinarians and preventative measures.
  • Pet owners in the UK spend the most on their pets--more than $1,200 per year, compared to $864 in Germany, $799 in France, and $864 in the U.S.
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