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Denver upholds pit bull ban

The Denver City Council refused to grant an exception to its 1989 ban on pit bulls, even in cases where the dogs are used as service animals. The decision comes in spite of a ruling from the Department of Justice saying people with disabilities must be allowed to have pit bulls as service dogs if they choose to do so.

The city is now facing a class-action lawsuit from the Animal Law Center in Wheat Ridge, Colo. The Center says Denver’s decision goes against the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). According to the Denver Post, some of the opposition stemmed from the fact that under the ADA, public safety officials cannot demand proof that a dog is a service dog.

A group of disabled veterans filed a federal suit against Denver and neighboring Aurora earlier this year to try and overturn the ban. That case is still ongoing.

Texas city removes gas chamber

A Texas animal shelter has ceased using a carbon monoxide gas chamber to euthanize animals, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The Garland animal shelter came under fire last year for its use of the gas chamber, after an investigative report revealed that the shelter was gassing young, sick and elderly animals, violating state laws.

The shelter dismantled its gas chamber, the News reported, and the city announced that it will no longer use gas, but instead will euthanize animals with lethal injection.

Lion’s death draws attention to exotic pets

The death of a lion that was rescued from a ranch in Indiana has sparked a call for a ban on exotic pets, local media reports.

The lion, Kovu, died of kidney failure on the Black Pine Animal Sanctuary this week. The sanctuary’s director said he hopes Kovu’s death will encourage state lawmakers to ban people from owning exotic animals. The director said he suspects that the lion was denied water at the ranch, which may have damaged the lions kidneys.


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