List of weirdest ingestions of 2010

Pets eat weird things. Everyone knows that, especially veterinarians. But the full extent of the issue is sometime hard to appreciate. Luckily, pet health insurance provider Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) has compiled a list of the year’s oddest foreign body ingestion claims from dogs and cats.

According to the company, the pets that ingested the following reported items "made full recoveries and received insurance reimbursements for eligible expenses." VPI said that its policyholders spent close to $3 million for treatment of pets that had ingested non-edible objects. Some highlights:

 pseudoephedrine/sponge/snail poison/tampon
extension cord
 estrogen patch/make-up brush
light bulb
leash/3 sticks of butter
 dead poisoned vole Frisbee
TV remote control
jumper cables
10 quarters/one penny/one Canadian coin/three arcade tokens
glass Christmas ornament
razor blades
eye glasses
bed sheet
uncooked rice (1 pound)
money (paper)
box of pencils
oil-soaked dirt
tent door
bird (whole)
rosary crucifix
watch butter/sand 25 to 30 soiled diapers
16 steel wool pads
deer antler (partial)


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