Nevada considers drug recycling

The Nevada state Senate is considering a bill that would allow veterinarians and veterinary care facilities to accept open and unopened prescription medication and re-issue them to clients who cant afford them.
Under the proposed measure, SB17, pet owners could donate certain drugs that would then be re-issued for certain animals. the current law allows mental health facilities, nursing facilities, facilities for intermediate care and correctional facilities "to return to the dispensing pharmacy certain prescription drugs for reissuance by a nonprofit pharmacy."
The new bill would add veterinarians and facilities that provide veterinary care to the law.  
One veterinarian expressed support for the billl In an email to the Nevada Veterinary Medical Association presented to the Senate by bill sponsor state Sen. Valerie Wiener.  
“As a veterinary ophthalmologist I rely on human prescription medications in many situations due to the absence of comparable medications manufactured for animal eye diseases,” wrote Dan Lavach, DVM, MS, DACVO. “Unfortunately, many ophthalmic solutions/suspensions cost in excess of $100 per single 2.5-15 ml bottle. … In certain instances the patient no longer requires the medication, and the owners often volunteer to donate the unused prescription to pet owners not able to afford the recommended medications. [SB17] provides a reasonable approach to allowing valuable medication to be useful to others rather than be needlessly discarded.”
The bill is currently being reviewed by the Committee on Commerce and Labor.

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